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SA – Quality Products is a registered trademark in Portugal and Spain and that was created under Portrade’s vision and ownership. It is being established and known as a guarantee of quality, exclusive and premium products which include the finest Wines, Olive Oil, Slow-cured Hams and Seafood. Their creation, elaboration and capture result from a profound knowledge and background inspired in the experience and vision of its charismatic founder and CEO.

Slow-cured Hams

The Iberian Ham is a culinary masterpiece from Iberian Peninsula made exclusively from the black hulls and black Iberian swine meat. The foremost of all Iberian ham varieties - whose classification is set by the rigorous guidelines of Real Decreto del Reino de España - is made of a special Iberian pork breed, fed only with acorns or bellotas, inhabiting in wooded hills.
These animals are raised in according to strict rules which in turn become the purest and one of the finest existing delicacy.
SA QUALITY PRODUCTS is a Portuguese company with production units in Spain dedicated to the Iberian ham commercializing.

With the knowledge acquired and permanent dedication, we are ham specialists, able to produce passionately this product in order to get the best flavour, aroma and consistency.

The fact that we maintain faithful through this art results in how much our consumers believe in our products.

In Castilla y León, Spain is Atapuerca Hill, World Heritage of Mankind where were found several human civilization traces and among them, they found Iberian swine ancestor’s bones, which reveals Europe existence for more than 700 000 years, by the interlacement of porks and mediterranean savage boars.

The ancient roots which passed by Atapuerca Hill were not only used by humans but also by the fauna and flora existing used in their expansions, which contributed also to soil fertility and abundance of natural resources.

SeaFood, Molusks and Exquisite Fish

Our company and brand co-exist in a strong demanding market that excels in quality and innovation, developing products that have allowed it to progressively enter in new markets. SA has implemented its own technology developed to ensure the production and packaging of our shellfish, mollusks and fishes.

We have also Established a relationship of trust with customers and suppliers with whom we have exclusive trademark representations and ship-owner agreements along with the strictest quality standards.
Fishing in Portugal and Europe is associated to a long cultural, social, technical, economic and gastronomic history that keeps alive important fishing communities, considerable quantities of manpower in all sectors of activity and significant economic and infrastructure contingents.

With an extensive coast with almost 950 kilometers and with an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), encompassing the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira, Portugal has the largest EEZ in the EU, the main structures are obviously located along the coast in a logic that history and the physiographic conditions imposed. Our fishing companies and associates have also a relevant position within the available fishing quotas in both foreign and international waters.
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